Cut & Color Stylist to the Stars

Small and intimate is the new flavour in hairdressing salons. Swiss born Claude Bigler’s micro shop hair salon has been serving satisfied clients for over 15 years now and business is brisk. A successful Vidal Sassoon-trained stylist for over 50 years, Claude’s specialties are precise haircutting and natural color – cut and color. He has styled some of the top Hollywood stars and celebrities in the Swiss alps of Gstaad.


Formerly the owner of a large salon and having set up many, Claude enjoys pampering and giving his clients totally focused and personal care in the warm, comfortable, made-to-measure micro-shop where the environment is controlled by the desires of his clients. It’s located in charming downtown Courtenay, on Vancouver Island, with free parking across the street. Clients are encouraged to bring their own music and design their time with Claude in whatever way pleases them.

Claude doesn’t answer the phone when working on clients’ hair. Bookings are therefore done through a recording and calls are returned when there is no ongoing session. It is the clients’ hour with Claude and Claude alone. Cuts are $70 to $100. Available Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10AM to 6PM.

Claude Bigler is also one of the finest tango dancers in Western Canada. He is a classically trained tango instructor having spent 12 months over the last 14 years dancing with local Milongueros in Buenos Aires and 180 hours being trained in teaching social tango by Nelida Boyer (Systema Camera Lenta). Learn More

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442-B Duncan Ave., Courtenay, BC, V9N 7J5, Call (1) 778-992-0029. By Appointment Only.