You are an artist as a coiffeur. Only you can give me this incredible look. You must come more often to Argentina so we can also go to milongas, since it’s a pleasure to dance with you. You really know how to lead a woman and immerse her in the wonderful dance that tango is. I would even dare to say that you have more musicality than many of the locals. Thank you. You will always be welcome in Argentina.

Silvana Allievi, professional tango dancer Tango-Pasión, Tango X2, Tango Rouge

I highly recommend Claude Bigler as a hairstylist! I have had my hair cut by dozens and dozens of people by now, from London ( UK ) to Montréal to Toronto and many other places. I’ve modeled for Sassoon’s in Toronto; I’ve had it long and short; I’ve had my hair styled by countless stage and movie professionals. Style aside – I never had such a great hair cut as Claude gave me! Curly hair is problematic and he cut my hair with my hair! All I asked is that the style be edgy and what he created suits me perfectly. I’m thrilled and I’m hooked! Thanks so much Claude. I love what you’ve done and I’m telling everyone I meet!

Carolyn Sinclair

About every 4-5 weeks I receive regular compliments from people I know. These compliments arrive like clockwork, usually within a day of having my hair cut by you. Thank you for skill and professionalism as a hair stylist and for doing such a good job making my head look good. You have the ability to seamlessly merge what I think am looking for with what you think would be the most suitable and flattering – all with a refreshing honesty that engenders trust.

Ron Velin

Claude Bigler is a top hair specialist in his profession. I can only wish I had gone under his scissors sooner. I enjoy the process and feel confident that the work he does will leave me looking fabulous. Claude’s industry experience makes him the expert that we are lucky to have with us.

Siobhan Harlow

I think I’m in love with you! I have been to so many hairdressers in my life and you have been the only one that I have seen a second time. I love my new hair style! None of my friends noticed my hair was cut which is great, because it obviously suited me so well. On the other hand, in one week, I have never had so many strangers come up to me on the street, in the clubs or at the grocery store. They all had compliments about my new ‘do, not that they knew it was new. I think this speaks volumes about your ability to cut and style hair with the individual in mind. Your vision and proficiency is profound; you are a true professional.

Lara McQuay

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Claude is a successful Vidal Sassoon-trained stylist with over 50 years of experience. His specialties are precise haircutting and highlighting natural hair color. He has styled some of the top Hollywood stars and celebrities in the Swiss Alps of Gstaad.


I remember the first tango class that Claudio ever took. From the beginning he was determined to become one of the best. His first trip to Buenos Aires was a disaster. There he found out how little he knew about the Tango. He was very discouraged and almost gave up. But he didn’t. He continued taking classes here in Vancouver and went back to BsAs many times – taking classes with the best. Talk about determination. Claudio has the precious gift of music. Without it dancing tango well is impossible. Claudio never makes a step that is not musically directed – communicated – and felt. This is tango. Claudio is a real tanguero and a joy to dance with.

Linda Lee

Tango is a way into one’s soul: a quest for metaphysical harmony that manifests itself in the realm of the physical. Harmony is achieved through the union of male and female entities: the man listens to the female voice and understands her demand for beauty. The woman knows how to wait and, trusting the lead, surrender to the music and the moment. Both leading and following are essential components of the aesthetic ideal and the philosophy of tango. Very few understand this and are able to convey it as our ardent dancer and a patient mentor, maestro Claudio Bigler.

Selma Sailor

Among his many fine attributes, Claudio is an accomplished and stylish dancer. A generous and enthusiastic teacher, he is truly passionate in his quest to promote Argentine Tango in Vancouver.

Jackson Wong

Margret and I have been dancing tango for 3 months now,and we have no previous dance experience. With Claudio’s teaching we can already dance at the milongas, have fun, and not run anybody down. We understand that there are many years of training ahead of us and we feel good about the tango foundation Claudo is giving us. Margret and I think very highly of Claudio and his teaching.

Margret Li & Jim Jardine

As a novice beginner with no dancing experience, Claude has displayed phenomenal patience, sensitivity and a gentleness of spirit that makes learning from him such a privilege. He imbues his students with confidence, joy and such promise.

Jamie Kelley