“Other than improving your hair-cutting skills, this will be the most important and life-changing investment for you.”

Claude Bigler

This is where you buy all of the videos Claude Bigler currently has for sale in a single order, at a significantly lower cost. It includes all of the tips, tricks, and innovations that more than 50 years of world class hair care has taught this renowned stylist, including:


  • Shampoo Basin (4:34) – PROMOTIONAL OFFER
  • One Length Haircut on Wavy Hair (17:43)
  • The Bevel (9:00)
  • Highlights (8:27)
  • Layered Haircut With Bangs (15:37)
  • The “Claudio” Modern Shag (16:46)
  • Long Layered Haircut (18:41)
  • Men’s Short Textured Haircut (20:17)
  • Double Your Income Tips & Tricks (8:07)