The Bigler Bundle

Other than improving your hair-cutting skills, this will be the most important and life-changing investment for you.

Claude Bigler


This is where you buy all of the videos Claude Bigler currently has for sale in a single order, at a significantly lower cost. It includes all of the tips, tricks, and innovations that more than 50 years of world class hair care has taught this renowned stylist, including:

  • Shampoo Basin (4:34) - valued at $9.99
  • One Length Haircut on Wavy Hair (17:43) - valued at $18.99
  • The Bevel (9:00) - valued at $9.99
  • Highlights (8:27) - valued at $9.99
  • Layered Haircut With Bangs (15:37) - valued at $16.99
  • The "Claudio" Modern Shag (16:46) - valued at $17.99
  • Long Layered Haircut (18:41) - valued at $19.99
  • Men's Short Textured Haircut (20:17) - valued at $19.99
  • Double Your Income Tips & Tricks (8:07) - valued at - $9.99


This package includes all of the videos we have for sale. The download file is large at 7.9GB and will take at least 10 minutes to download on most stable internet connections.

Also, this is a .ZIP file, meaning you will have to extract the videos from the file once downloaded. We recommend using 7Zip, which you can download here.


In 1997, I had an appointment with a new (for me) doctor in an old heritage building in downtown Vancouver. I happened to walk by a door, behind which was a micro hair salon. I had NEVER seen such a thing. Working in a situation where I was terribly unhappy, a boss not eager to allow time off for such small luxuries as attending my nephew’s first or second birthday, missing out on so many important moments, I was eager to explore any option that would allow me to pursue my own joy, deciding for myself what things were worth missing a day of work… Also, day in and day out, having to listen to whatever music the receptionist was in the mood to hear, the temperature dictated by whatever client was in the chair of the boss… I thought I’d died and gone to heaven with this discovery that was Claude Bigler. I bravely knocked on his door, and he eagerly obliged my quest for freedom and joy… To work for myself! He explained to me how it works, getting a business license, making an appointment with the lease agent of the building, etc. Within a month, I’d signed a lease and got the ball rolling for my own micro shop. All these years, I call my own shots. I decide when and why I take a day off. I decide how much to charge. I decide the temperature and music, and sometimes I even feel generous enough to let clients have a say! ha! Thank you Claude, for all your advice, help and inspiration.

Kelly Haigh

Vancouver Hair Stylist