After decades as a hair stylist, I have finally found a product that I can fully support. René Furterer hair products is a French company who do what they say they said they do. To use their merchandise, you must undertake their training program and understand the products before they allow you to promote them. René Furterer is an expert hair care brand with products made of essential oils and plant extracts, designed to reveal and enhance beautiful hair. They use a unique and original method that offers personalized treatments available as a salon service, or take-home personal care.

A pioneer in hair care, René Furterer dedicated his life’s work to the following principle: Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp, just like a plant in fertile soil. This parallel between hair and nature is a perfect illustration of René Furterer’s drive to use hair-enhancing active ingredients from nature.

Most shampoos are too hard on hair colors. René Furterer has shampoos for thin hair that actually make the hair thicker. It is the only product I carry. René Furterer guarantees its work; I guarantee René Furterer. Great product.